Application to get more Instagram Followers

Best app to get followers Instagram for free

Application to get more Instagram Followers

From there you will see that map that brings the photos according to the place where you were when you posted them. You can do a zoom in and out on different parts of the map for more specific locations of the photos.

When you have defined group of photos you like to remove the location data, click on “Edit” in the upper right corner of your map. As shown in the following screen shots, photos numbers will become blue (left image) to green (picture at right). You can use an app to get more Instagram followers faster.

Select a group of photos and get clicking on «edit» in the menu drop-down that appears.

Opens a new window where the Group of photos in one place will be displayed. There you can uncheck the photos that you would like to remove them with location data; either one by one or by clicking on the button ‘Unmark all’.

Once you have unchecked the publications you want, click “Listo” in the top right of your screen. In the window that then appears, click on «Confirm».

Ready! Location data will be cleared of these pictures forever. (Note: when you delete location data, these will be deleted permanently).

(Additional note: the phrase “Eliminate 4 geotags?” might be a bit confusing.) I repeat, you are removing the photo location data. If geoetiquetaste the photo, then removed the geotag. If not geoetiquetaste the photo, then eliminating the rest of the location data that were attached in that picture when you posted it. When you perform the procedure of this Council, any photo that you uncheck will be removed from your map permanently).

We have listed some of the best applications to help you get more followers and likes for your IG account

Something fun you can do on Instagram is browse photos taken near your current location or a specific location. I like to do this when I’m in a particularly beautiful location, or when I want to travel by photos taken in a specific event or something like that.

One of the biggest frustrations that people with Instagram (especially companies), have is that it is not the best platform to direct traffic from the app to a web site, a page of Twitter or elsewhere. Why? Because the URLs where you can click are not permitted, except in the field «web site» which is located in your biography.

If you put a URL in a footnote, it will appear as plain text, which means that users will need to copy the URL carefully and open a web browser to paste or type the text.

A stealthy way to make others visit your profile Instagram, which is where that URL on which you can click, is using the foot of your photos to invite people to visit your profile and click on that link. You can update this URL frequently to direct people to the content of your blog, YouTube video, product or offer more recent.

Take a look at the following examples. In the image on the left side, the caption provides a text call to action to visit the user profile with the purpose that you can click the link associated with the post. In the image on the right side, you will see the binder itself. Update this link frequently to that point people to your content or most recent offer.