Best VPN service of 2017

Best VPN services of 2017 – Complete Overview

Best VPN service of 2017

A VPN proves to be a great way to surf the Internet anonymously, access websites that may be restricted in your area, and basically provide you with the security that will ensure you are safe. With this being said, choosing a VPN is a difficult decision with all the choices that are on the market. This is why using one of the best VPN trials is a great way to ensure that you are going to be happy with the VPN before committing to it.

Protect your data and anonymity with a reliable VPN service

Computer theft is nothing new, as many people everyday find that they have their laptops stolen. However, the issue that arises with computer theft is data encryption. This is a dominant issue in the world of network security as several companies have had data stolen, which potentially has put thousands of people at risk of identity theft.

Three organizations have made news headlines as laptops and data have been stolen via thieves taking the computers complete with the hard drives. The Boston Baskin Cancer Foundation reported that a hard drive was stolen from an employees home on December 2, 2014. This hard drive contained patient records which included social security numbers, names, birth dates and clinical information. In addition, the employees had their personal information on these hard drives which also included social security numbers, pay grades, and other personal information. All in all, they believe that 56,694 patients have been compromised.

Aspire Indiana, a non profit organization, also acknowledged a breach when laptops were stolen from administrative offices. These laptops held patient information such as social security numbers, medical records, and personal health information. In total, they are reporting that 45,030 patients have had their files breached Five laptops were also stolen from US Central Command, however, it has been reported that they do not believe any vital information was leaked. This is in part due to file encryption that the US Central Command has in effect.

Access restricted websites and TV channels using a VPN

Are you missing out on the latest television shows? Are you missing your favorite television shows due to this not being shown in your area? A lot of television shows are considered geo-restricted, meaning that they are only available in certain countries. Thus, if you travel or move to a different country, chances are you are going to miss out on the latest episodes. With a VPN like HideMyAss, you can get a foreign IP address which is going to get you passed this geo-restriction, and on to watching your favorite television show, no matter where you are located. Other VPN’s to consider are IPVanish or Private Internet Access. With these VPN’s you no longer have to miss your favorite show, and you never have to worry that others can see what you are doing while using this network.

Free VPN Services – Benefits & Disadvantages

Are free VPN services reliable? Learn now more about benefits and disadvantages! A VPN, or virtual private network, is a great way to not only remain anonymous for what you do online, but to also provide you with the opportunity to access blocked websites that your country may have in place.

When it comes to VPN’s, there are several on the market. Most people would prefer to use a free VPN, which is understandable, as these free VPN’s can provide to have many benefits.

A good VPN service can help you circumvent censorship and website blocks

Internet censorship has always been a hot topic issue in China. Hence, why so many people that travel to China or live in China utilize a VPN service. However, new regulations that are going in place can even affect the censorship levels for those who are using a VPN. Thus, making China one of the toughest countries on internet censorship.

There are several changes coming and more in planning more than likely. One of the biggest changes that people are going to see is the requirement to register accounts with a real name, and the canceling of those accounts that are meant to support a public figure or impersonate one, often which are found on social media channels. So what does this mean for those who are in China? Even more regulation added to the Great Firewall that they have come to know personally. One of the major concerns of those who utilize a VPN is how these new security measures and censorship rules are going to affect their VPN usage. Already people are starting to see some issues with their VPN, though not all VPN’s are being affected.

The company has said that they are looking at other ways that they can ensure users are able to utilize the VPN service on any device, despite the upgrades in the Great Firewall. According to many who have been watching this issue, the problem for citizens is only there if they use a foreign VPN. Local VPN’s are required to register user information and the like with the CAC. So what spurred the latest changes to China Internet Censorship? The government is hoping to decrease the amount of rumors tat are found online, which can, in many cases, lead to widespread public panic or anger. The latest censorship rules are going to be going into effect by March 1st, 2015. But, there are citizens that are reporting changes already occurring.