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At this point it is recommended to tell stories through pictures, it is an easy way to attach to the target if it is the right way and becomes a balance between fun images and business that have to do with the product or service.

This social network is an ideal platform to organize competitions, brands can do it easily using a hashtag to contest in which users can tag their photos. Although it is a resource already used on Facebook, for example, where contests with likes, are not many do on Instagram.

Encourage fans with promotional codes. At this point, it is essential that the quarterback knows what want and what uses the audience to keep it engaged, so it is advisable to build a sort of editorial calendar for posting relevant content, which also give compensation to the customer and want to visit the profile of the brand. This is accomplished, largely thanks to the competitions, which were already mentioned, but also through promotions through codes.

Not is a secret that the client is the best lawyer of a brand, because is the best judge to decide if a product is good or bad according to their experience of user. Under this logic, if the customer experience is positive, it is possible to capitalise it on Instagram, to do so mark can take photographs of the consumer while using the product or service offered and upload them to your profile to generate, in addition, sense of belonging.

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Instagram can help attract the attention of the events organized by a brand, from the display and location of the place where will be held. Once done, also may be recommended to users to take photographs of the event and tag them by using a special for the hashtag, it is a way of creating engagement and generate conversation.

Throughout its short existence Instagram has evolved and is has become in a platform fertile to design strategies of marketing digital, them following two successful examples it note.

Restaurant allows you to pay the Bill of your guests with photos of Instagram. In London, long since few months, restaurant The Picture House allowed pay account Diners with photos of Instagram as a promotion for opening. In addition to this social network of photos users were able to share photos of their dishes on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #BirdsEyeInspirations.

This form of payment through photos on Instagram formed part of a frozen food brand digital campaign Birds Eye, whose team had this idea since it noted that thousands of users take pictures of their food, in fact, according to the site Webstagram there are currently about 90 million photographs using the hashtag #food on Instagram.

The Lounge Hair Salon, a salon of beauty of Thailand devised the first campaign on Instagram using the labeling function, this aesthetic campaign consisted in publishing in their own pictures of cancer patients who had lost their hair so users Oreos to his followers with long hair and invite them to donate his. With tags formed a virtual wig.

Hair Tag is the name of this campaign of Lounge Hair Salon, which turned out to be successful, since its launch the customers began to tag your friends and form different looks with these, which turned it into a fun and viral campaign.

The success of this campaign led her to be nominated in the International Festival of Cannes Lions-2014.