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The Instagram has two types of users. First, there are those who only follow friends, post pictures, just when are special things and comment only on profiles of close contacts. In this case, the number of followers, “likes” and comments on each post varies according to the amount of virtual friends, which may not be a lot. Now with our amazing service you can buy cheap instagram followers at the best prices.

Here comes the second type: this user does it all, but in a much more accelerated pace. There are thousands (or even millions) of followers and, according to success, can even sell profile space for brands and advertisers. If the account is already of a mark, even better. The higher visibility, greater positive propaganda about their products or services.

The following are some tips for pumping on Instagram published by the owner of the social network, Facebook — a dangerous suggestion which is not as well accepted.

Nothing to put all images of plates of food or just selfies her cat. A good profile on Instagram mira in more than one search and public issues and themes in the mix. Of course you need to have a “focus” — and, in time, each user realizes that publication type yields more numbers than others. However, be careful not to fill up the feed of your contacts only with the same and repetitive content (such as your pet always in the same pose, for example).

According to the Instagrammers study in Latin America, made the site in 2015, each person follows an average of 9.6 different themes in the social network. It’s all segmented: 59% follow accounts that speak about music, 57% on travel, 53% on nature, 51% 50% celebrities fashion and 50% on food.

Reposting pictures of other profiles or put just screenshots of movies or games is nice, but many fans get tired of these profiles after a while. After all, buy ig followers and get more likes for free many others can do the same thing. Therefore, original content is always welcome — whether photographs or montages made by the account holder.
Also study your audience along the posts to notice if he prefers publications horizontally, vertically or in square format; with many filters and effects of brightness or focus; or if you prefer something more “raw”, even without frame.

Another tip for you to gain more followers is appearing more frequently in public places on the site. So, you need to set a frequency for your publications. It needs to be high to the point where you keep the engagement of fans, but not so exaggerated not flood or spam.
There is no magic number: depends on your audience. So do weekly studies and post with different frequencies until you see what else fits in your style. According to Facebook, in a matter of companies and brands, most of them published once or twice a day. The publication time sometimes is also important. Another good tip is to share the post in your other social networks, for calling other contacts.