Followers for IG

How to get more followers for your IG account

Followers for IG

Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks around the world. Precisely, their success has put it at the center of many digital marketing strategies. In this article we will visit together the basic steps to integrate Instagram into your mix of networks for your digital strategy.

Created in 2010, it was purchased two years later by the King of social networks, Facebook, by a trillion dollars. Since then, the number of users on Instagram has not stopped growing. According to statistics from eMarketer, 34.1% of the users of mobile phones in the United States will enter Instagram at least once a month this year. He is expected for 2017, 51.8% of the total users of social networks will use Instagram.

The exponential increase of its range one of the most important social networks for brands makes it clearly today. However, before you begin to design a content strategy for Instagram, necessary that you ensure that your buyer person is into this network. Don’t get carried away only by trends and be consistent with your overall strategy. Your mix of social networks must correspond first and foremost, the needs and habits of your prospects and customers.

To make easier the task of monitoring and evaluation of performance of publications before you must define what are the parameters that govern the measurements. There are tools, like Iconosquare, that help you to measure the performance of your account Instagram. Don’t forget that it is important to give frequent follow-up to the performance of your activities to make adjustments in a timely manner.

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Defines the frequency, time of day and topics that you board the brand account. This will allow you to have greater control of the contents and see the big picture of your digital communication efforts. Get a benchmark of your competitors or companies that offer a product or service similar to yours to see what kind of content could be interested to your customers.

Never attempt to emulate the strategy of a company that has nothing to do with your money. What can serve for the restaurant industry, may not be ideal for the real estate sector. If the value of your product lies largely in the visual (for example, the sale of food), take advantage of it and unveils your offer. However, you must take into account that Instagram works not only as a showcase for brands; they must also generate interesting content to your followers.

As part of an overall strategy, Instagram account must meet certain requirements to make it consistent with the style and your brand identity. Be faithful to the values of the company and takes as a basis the graphic style manual. In this way, the photographs that you post will be recognizable and users can easily associate them with the brand identity.