Free Instagram liker

How to get bots and free Instagram likers for your photos

Free Instagram liker

Instagram is starting to see its community of amazing images and short videos through a friendly filter with the business.

Instagram blogged for Business, the company unveiled new studies on how some of the most successful brands in this social network (Ben & Jerry’s and Disneyland,) among others are using your network as a tool of marketing with a profound effect.

Instagram also announced a book called “The Instagram Handbook for Brands”, which features nine brands and ten popular hashtags that illuminate the dynamism of the community. Although the content is not available openly, Instagram revelera some of the most important discoveries.

For example, the five most popular accounts of Instagram tips include:

1 I know authentic. The popular retailer of sunglasses Warby Parker presents images that “they are never too serious,” said Instagram. Why photos that go up to the platform expressed the “strange” voice of the brand.

He appreciated the experience. Can simply upload shots of products, when brands can offer a penetrating glimpse into the experiences that provide? For example, the videos and images of the GoPro account customers provide a fuller sense of the essence of the company.

Looking for meaning. While General Electric is not exactly synonymous with scenic imagery, the company knows to demonstrate how its technology is significant for people. Manufacturers of giant jets and remote wind farms images illuminate the idea of the company’s show “the man-made wonders”, says Instagram.

Inspire action by the community. Nike has succeeded in driving the interactivity and to build communities through campaigns of hashtags such as #runfree, which celebrated runners in various scenarios.

Be aware of yourself. Mission Bicycle succeeds in Instagram because he understands what people love your brand: the beauty and simplicity of their bikes. And uses that knowledge to “capture the imagination of new customers”, says the company.

Boost your Instagram profile with a free liker tool

Instagram is not, definitely a secondary network to consider in our Social Media strategy. It has grown so much over the last year and with the news of the integration of video, advertisers connoisseurs, as not only ask for a fanpage of Facebook, they also want to have your profile on Instagram to perform actions of digital marketing.

Without a doubt, Instagram is a social network that can greatly help the big companies and, above all, is a good way and an excellent choice for SMEs if handled correctly and by professionals of Social Media. Currently, are very few companies which have taken the initiative of include it in their strategies, perhaps by it little maturity of the medium itself or by ignorance.

Instagram is a new tool and has a very specific audience who are the users of smartphones which photos they like and want to be fashionable, as well as to follow trends. Evaluates if your consumers are part of this group and begins to devise strategies for involve to this audience and create relations with them, mostly, considering that in the fifth study of consumption of media between Internet users Mexican, presented by the IAB in January of this year, is mentioned that the connection to internet through devices mobile (smartphones) (, tablets and laptops) grew by 56% in 2011 to 70% in 2012, surpassing fixed devices such as desktop computer.

Let us not forget that it is a channel for interaction with the consumer/user, a tool that generates participation, so, should exploit the interactivity to the fullest and in different ways and, essentially, look for creative concepts/actions to generate this engagement we seek both between consumer and brand. I’ve seen as a strategy of some brands climbing instagram photos taken by consumers themselves using / interacting with their products. This, is a way interesting of make that the own users promote / support a brand. And of course, we also have to be willing and prepared to watch and listen to what the consumer is talking about us, brand, with positive or negative opinions.