Free instagram likes

How to get more likes for your Instagram photos for free

Free instagram likes

It may not be seen potential Instagram as digital marketing tool when this social network of photographs was created by Kevin Systrom, its current CEO, and Mike Krieger. But four years of its Foundation has more than 200 million subscribers worldwide and it has become so popular that every day more than 60 million photos, uploaded so it predicts a bright future as a digital marketing platform.

However, when a digital marketer designed a strategy in social networks, the first thing you think is popular: Facebook and Twitter, but is rarely considered Instagram to launch marketing strategies. This can be a mistake, as this social photo network is a platform with many possibilities to explore, and even works in favour of the marketeros digital, since few months ago unveiled an innovation that will allow to know the outcome of the campaigns from insights and impressions which cause public photos or videos that are uploaded to this social network and how engagement is achieved. Also there will be metrics to analyze impressions, the scope and frequency of paid campaigns.

Based on the foregoing and in order to create more engagement of customers to brands, Instagram announced that it will have three tools to help brands build greater engagement in their social network: Account Account insights, Ad insights, Ad and staging.

Instagram begins to be a tool used for purposes of marketing that can yield positive campaign results, then this is the platform that facilitates something that customers appreciate: short and Visual messages. Therefore, marketers should consider this social network as more that a platform for sharing pictures with fans used to create marketing strategies.

Then 10 tips for planning and executing a strategy of digital marketing in Instagram

Generate images of value. The first step is to spend some time to generate an attractive photo that brings value to user Instagram, this is through artistic photos with visual relevance, beyond advertising-tinged. Also must not lose sight that the image must have a direct relationship with the brand.

Not focus on advertising. While the ultimate goal is advertising, should be so that it is almost imperceptible for the user, as stated in the previous point, it is published photos relating to the industry and the category of the brand, although not always appear the logo, in this way the user will identify it and will accept best.

Analyze the results. It is very advisable to carry out an analysis of the type of photos that generate greater impact from the number of likes and comments in the published photos, in this way, it is possible to determine the type of photos of greater impact.

Open conversation. Use hashtags that allow the brand to get into the flow of information. For example, if it is a brand of clothing and to publish on a winter collection, the label can be used #invierno2014. This helps users who are navigating hashtags are the picture and begin to follow the brand.

Understand the niche. It is vital to understand that Instagram is not a mass communication channel as it may be it Facebook, maybe looks like operating logic Twitter where it is more complex for brands to grow in number of followers.

Using Instagram to gain a large audience. This social network that accompanies users throughout the day via their mobile devices so it is a platform that helps marketers reach an always connected audience. Also this social network of photographs provides the audience a better view of the company.