Gain Instagram Followers

How to gain real instagram followers for free

Gain Instagram Followers

Do you know the potential of visual content? Do social media marketing in Instagram? Succeed with new strategies?

Today, I’m going to talk about how to do marketing on Instagram, I give you 7 tips and strategies to improve your results in this as visual social network and in constant growth.

An important fact is that Instagram users are 58 times more likely to make an “I like,” a comment or share a photo of a mark on Instagram users from Facebook, and have 120 times more likely than users of Twitter, according to this infographic.

Top ways to gain more Instagram followers

Search other users on Instagram who may be interested in your business. This can do so based on your photos and the hashtag used. If you have run the ideas and you don’t know that hashtags work best, you can visit websites like hashtagify or ritetag.

Once you find users interested in the themes of your services and brand not just follow them, interact with them through your photos and tell them why you like; so you’ll believe a link with that person and you will have it closer to your company. Be creative and don’t let the typical comment “I love”.

Improving your marketing strategy to get more followers

Not forget to put your address URL in the biography of Instagram, so can carry traffic to your web site or shop online. Think if your community like your photos, surely wanting to know more about your services or business. Recalls that in the descriptions of the photos, them links not are functional, i.e. that not can do click on them; I recommend you indicate in the description that they click on the link that appears in the biography.

Targeting the right people to increase the number of followers

If you’re an autonomous professional must have a photo of profile equal that in the rest of networks social in which are present. Do not forget to always place the logo of your business, where the profile represents a company. Do not use family photos or with friends, you can post some more personal photo then Instagram, but never in the profile picture.

Get video marketing on Instagram

In an article recently, you talked about video marketing on Facebook, and as you know the video is the trend in digital marketing strategies. Love to people watch videos, and you can also use them on Instagram. Take advantage of the 15 seconds that you have and be creative. If you don’t have much knowledge about video editing, there are applications for Android and iOs that can make the task easier, one of them is PicPlayPost.

Add text to your photos of Instagram

You can have incredible and beautiful pictures of your products or services, but if you add a text on the own picture explaining what it is, or with any call to action, the results will improve. I use Android app InstaSquare, also can use PicLab.

Instagram contests

One of the best ways and more quick to grow your account Instagram. It ánima your followers offering them something in return. An example would be to ask for a photo of the follower posing with one of your products, and telling him to accompany him with a certain hasthag. Thus your Instagram account will continue to grow, new followers who may be future clients.