Get more followers and likes on Instagram

How to get more followers and likes on instagram

Get more followers and likes on Instagram

Wondering how to use images and short videos to enhance the experience of your customer with your brand? Have you considered creating a profile of your company in Instagram to make visible its brand into a new market?

The solution is as simple as opening an account, that Yes, the difficulty appears in maintaining it updated and dynamic. Here we leave some tips:

Blog run by the social network is a where you can find tips and examples to carry our profile.

It should take advantage of the effect of funny or almost images with our fans and see what kind of images like most. If we publish them form regular along with images of our business, we will end up getting that you loved like Similarly, since they associated with the brand with that other content that also like them.

To achieve that the number of our supporters increase, some recommendations are: connect your profile with your Facebook page to those fans who do not know that the company is also located in Instagram, use important and popular hashtags that can connect with our content and engage with other profiles, following their accounts and giving it to ‘like’ to your photos.

With the recent emergence of videos on Instagram, its now competitor Vine (videos to Twitter), has hit a remarkable downturn. Instagram videos provide best conditions thanks to its possibility of applying filters, editing and duration of 15 seconds against the 6.5 vine.

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As we never know who can see your posts in social networks, better make sure that the content is similar on all our platforms. Share your Instagram videos on your website or Facebook profile to increase the capacity of expansion of content.

The people who you follow on a social network makes a difference in your profile. Interestingly, most of the brands with face-to-face on Instagram, not followed followers. To create strategic relationships through this network, look for brands and people you can interest or you can be useful and learn from them among his followers, and follow them.

It is not necessary to publish daily on Instagram, or open profile posting many pictures since it can saturate to his followers. It is better to create a schedule or calendar when publish and when each content comes you better..

There are applications that enhance the use of their photos published. Some can print photos users, search keywords that are being used at the time, subscriptions to Instagram profiles via email… and many more, is a matter of a little research and see what we are useful.

Why not publish photos that have relevance in the lifestyle of our customers?
For example, the North American organic food supermarket Whole Foods Market, publishes photos promoting organic farming and a healthy lifestyle.

According to a study by Simply Measured, most used by companies filters are Lo-fi, Valencia, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Sierra, x-Pro II and Hefe. Why not be a bit original and use all the filters, combined with some original photos?

Instead of looking for the sale of products, in this social network, it is best to focus on other aspects as in the inherent interest in our client. Show a different perspective of the world that is in keeping with the image of the company.

A good way to keep our public connected to social networks is to organize a contest involving two of our profiles. Create a hashtag that represent an idea for your company and launch a contest to engage its clients and followers with their brand.

Same as the #followfriday of Twitter, Instagram has its own hashtags for each day of the week as #ManCrushMonday or #SelfieSunday. Look what label has to do with your marketing strategy and use it to make your photo visible to more people.

Thanks to them tags, can create a network that unifies the content of all their profiles using the same hashtags.