How to get Free Instagram Followers

How to gain more Instagram followers for free

How to get Free Instagram Followers

Instagram is a very simple social network. Upload photos or videos of up to 15 seconds with brief comments or hashtags, applying – or without filter – already preconfigured. Is finished.

Nothing of links in them comments, nothing like to re-post, “repinear” or “revinear” (of time) the things of others. Your photos or videos and, if anything, text or tags. Point.

In its simplicity and in that capacity to make us feel a little photographers gafapasta Prophet beard and wool fat is part of its magic. But that “magic” is not only shared by the majority users of Instagram: young adults and urbanites that show his life and plastic concerns through a filter x-Pro or Walden, but many brands have adopted the platform in their marketing strategies for two or three years… much more successfully than other networks, more powerful theory.

All brand should have an account on Instagram with his name, even if you or your client or your boss not plantéis you use Instagram. Then come the ready and caught the user name and pray so that they are not trolls…
There are that have in has that the profile is the only place in Instagram where going to be able to place a link active. If you want people to access your site through this social network you must put it there. Then, in the comments to the photos or videos, can make allusions to the link and to visit your profile.

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The image you put also is important, take care of it. If your company has a logo the most normal thing is to use it to identify themselves. But if we talk about generating personal brand Please note that this photo will appear in tiny whenever someone who follow you review your photos and you’ve posted something and also when interact with someone on the notifications tab.

It last, but just in case it more important, is the bio. It is here where we say to the people who we are and what we share. You must answer the question who are you? and why should you go?, nothing long or sensible. Simple and direct.

For a brand (personal or business) makes no sense living in Instagram to publish from time to time. It will not only attract the interest of anyone with a monthly, or even weekly publication. The ideal would be to publish at least daily, or at least three times a week.

There is a difference between publish frequently and give murga people with too many photos. It is not post every photo that you do, you have to be selective. Be clear about the idea that you want to convey and intent of each publication.

Is a chainsaw that I hear? (small joke for the usual ) No, seriously, not all are professional and talented photographers (even if they are not professional) but we can try to be original when it comes to take our picture looking for a rare angle escaping a little typical catalogue photo, well lit, focus, etc.
It is difficult to find the balance between the “churro patatero” and interesting photo – even this is mere matter of taste – but as a general rule, if it is worth to a catalog of products, does not fit Instagram, at least that is my opinion.