How to buy Instagram Followers

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How to buy Instagram Followers

There is a very quick way to generate followers. There are a huge number of ways to do promotions on Instagram, but the key is to do something that requires creativity. Instagram users like to think about things in a different way and the typical “send your photo above…” increasingly will operate, but, Hey, this is Spain and enterprises, especially SMEs and SMEs still respond do Instaque? When the question you.
Let’s review some initiatives put in place so far through this social network:

The simplest is to conduct a contest in which users label your photos with a specific hashtag, earning him or those who get more ‘like’. It is the scheme say “basic”.

A Variant, with more budget, is that led to perform, for example, Sony. You could climb a single photo a day with the hashtag of turn and every day you selected the winner with more ‘like me’. The award in the case of Sony was a discount coupon for a new headset.

Swatch is a clear success story with the competitions of hashtags and Instagram. Thanks to its #fromthestreets that the winner could have a clock in the new collection, they were able to have more followers on the the little camera (more than ninety-two thousand) than on Twitter (just twenty thousand)

Mango is a nice exception to the rule with more than six hundred thousand followers. On the other hand there are companies of them dyed by “big” that seems that have in Instagram your network social of “second division”, Campofrio, for example. So much creativity for a few things and then… then is Instagram account :-( Although at least is, not as others would really Cola-Cao?

But what about beyond contests for hashtags? Thus for example, Heineken organized the first “treasure hunt” interactive via Instagram on the occasion of the US open tennis. It was an exclusive account dedicated to the game and that was a mosaic of photos with linked tracks and that they should be discovered and tagged correctly to win.

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It was developed in real time (with a nervous breakdown by the community managers on duty who had to carry it out, I guess), but of course originality–and difficult–should recognize it.

Mercedes chose to involve the best instagrammers 5 (both by number of followers as on quality of their work) in their promotional efforts. Each published photos (not just auto, but the journey that made him during the days that let it be and in the end, the author with the most ‘likes’, was it is… loan by three years.

The impact of the initiative was huge not only by the large number of followers of the five famous instagramers but because they also gave the opportunity to a not-so-famous fan get another mercedes under the same conditions.

Other initiatives take an idea of a medium, a television commercial, for example, and continue its variant “of Instagrameras ways”. Thus Oreo did with his fight between supporters of biscuit or cream.
Participants sent photos labeling each side depending on your tastes, and those who were selected looked at his photo transformed into a sculpture made with oreos! biscuit or cream according to your preference. Rare? Yes, did it work? also.