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Purchase Instagram Followers

In the digital communication mix Instagram can assume so is especially a driving and complementary role, if the branding on several channels will be distributed.

What specific benefits does Instagram marketing but now when compared to other channels?

Compared to Facebook (although Instagram was bought by Facebook), a decisive advantage of the platform it is currently that the contents are not filtered by an algorithm. Like all social networks is the use in a central news feed, so the home of Instagram: here all photos from the profiles are imported the user, which he follows. The display (yet) without filter and in full, at least from a technical standpoint.

Of course, a filtering is performed on user page. This is a the time of use: because the time budget is limited, the user will look especially the last posted pictures, but not the older ones. On the other hand users according to their interests, i.e. mainly subjective aesthetic criteria, filter which images you like. In addition, who has released the image, what is the text about the image is for users but also relevant, and if necessary also how many likes the image has.

Here, it is similar to Facebook: private friends published content are for most users more interesting and thus more relevant. The rate applies again here “the bait must taste the fish and not the angler”. Reach and success depend alone, whether the content like the users.

The content strategy for Instagram is a tension between the interests of users and the communications objectives of the brand.

Attention and interest among users is primarily by the quality and timeliness of the contents (Instagram photos and videos) to achieve, in addition through their treatment. This includes in particular the use of Hashtags (right) where you can purchase instagram followers. In addition, text, location information, and Emoji play a role.

Two examples, the difference is visible images by users. User pictures are always snapshots that have more success even with high image quality.

Pictures of stamps, however, need more to get the attention of users: fun, provocation, creative image quality, surprise, or even familiar faces. Products are on Instagram everything else as a “No. go”. On the contrary. Properly presented and staged product photos on Instagram generate most interactions. Sweepstakes and Verkaufspostings considerably worse results and confirm that Visual content of the driver by Instagram and the Instagram is not winning a game channel.

Like other social networks, we must divide the range building in two areas. Once it comes to building followers, to the generation of interactions and to the dissemination and mention of as many “branded” Hashtags. All values are well measurable as a KPI and base of specific Instagram statistics.

Let’s start with the followers. If you’re not able to communicate his profile owned media and so from the follower’s own customer master WINS (customer loyalty), involves the purposeful construction of new followers. To win this on Instagram almost only through good content which is spreading within the community of Instagram. While brands compete with other brands, with Instagram Influencern, but above all with the users themselves. As more and more companies are active on Instagram. As in the Facebook News feed companies need to stand out with their content from the masses. The competition to private profiles and other Instagram users is very high and Instagram requires much attention in the care and the establishment of the range as it is on a Facebook page of the case. Companies must regularly publish content to increase their reach and be not forgotten in their followers.