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Real Instagram Followers

Now you don’t have to live in fear that something like this happens you. This is more a tip that a feature, but here you have it: for someone’s photos on Instagram without the «paranoia to an I like by accident», mode activated aircraft for your device while you travel for the latest news from that person. If you don’t have Internet access, then not you can give you ‘like’ your photo even if you double click on the image.

However, the photos are not charged if you enable airplane mode in the first place. First you have to go to the latest news so that the photos are loaded, you must then activate airplane mode and you can finally begin to scroll across the screen. When you get to the end of the latest news and need to upload more images, just disable airplane mode, let more pictures to be loaded and activate it again.

I swear that this post is not about how to convince people that you’re not a freak. But face it: there are occasions in which to all us would like to be able to delete our history of search in Instagram. Fortunately, it is possible.

To delete your history of search: lead you to your own profile and get clicking in the button «options» (the icon of a gear in them devices iPhone / iPad and points suspension in Android). Scroll down and click “Clear search history”. When you indicated, click “Yes, I am sure”.

If you are using Instagram frequently, likely have a couple of favorite filters that you always use and others that you did not even play. So can edit your photos easily, you can reorder them filters in your window of Edition and even hide which never you use.

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To reorder or hide filters, upload a photo and starts to edit as if you were to make a new post. When arrive to the page of filters, move you to the last option of your filters and get click on «manage».

Do you love filters and editing capabilities that Instagram has, but does not necessarily want to publish the photo in your account at this time (or never)? To use Instagram as an editor of photos without having that publish nothing, it only that have that do is publish a photo when your phone is in mode aircraft.

It turns out that all you have to do is click on the button «123» which is located in the lower left corner of the keyboard and the key «Back» will be shown on the bottom right, where is located normally on the keypad of your phone.

I know that this advice sounds simple, but many people overlook it (I include myself in this group), until you learn that it is possible to do so. I have seen that there are more complex solutions to this problem, how to write the text of the footnote in another app then be able to copy it and paste it into Instagram. Luckily, it is much easier than many thought.

When you write captions on Instagram with line breaks, keep in mind that this platform recently began to limit them to only three lines without requiring users to click on ‘More’ to see all the photo caption.