How to get organic Instagram followers

How to get organic Instagram followers

You want to get organic Instagram followers without having to pay for ads. This article gives you simple tips that when followed will boost the number of followers on your Instagram page.


You need to respond to any comments, suggestions or queries that are posted on your page. This is a way to tell your followers that you care about them. You should respond as soon as possible to create interaction. Be honest and frank when commenting on other people’s pages.

Never be rude or give negative feedback on social media no matter how annoyed you are with a person. Do not get personal.

Content is King

This is what keeps gets you organic followers without following. Create original, high-quality content that is relevant to your audience. Take care of any grammatical errors and link relevant sources. Followers on Instagram are always looking for informative and accurate pieces.

You can go back to photos that received many likes and get feedback on what you need to change or do better.

Photos with quotes

Create photos with inspiring and memorable quotes. People are always looking for quotes to share with friends and family. The photos used should be relevant to acquire followers on Instagram without following. The more followers like your photo, the more it’s shared which translates to more followers.

Offer gifts

People like free things and you can provide various giveaways to your customers who execute a specified task. You can give a gift for any photo shared to over 100 people. The idea is to have your post shared to as many people as possible.

You can caption the winners and request for their comments while promoting your brand to potential followers.

You can also run a contest on Instagram asking followers to post their favorite photos and winning gifts. Your followers can be the judges; this not only creates an active audience but gets you followers without following. People will be tagged to your page.

Follow people in your niche

There those people who you admire who have a large following on Instagram. Spend a few minutes each day going through their pages and liking or leaving relevant comments on their photos. This is usually the first point of engagement with your audience.

Most people when they find your comments – and consider it not to be spam – but helpful will usually give you a short reply and probably follow your page back. These will enable you to get followers without following. There is also the advantage of other people following the conversation.

Interlink your social media accounts

If you have a Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat account, make it your goal to invite your exciting followers to your Instagram account. Share your photos across different social media platforms. Your existing followers already trust you and would be more than willing to join you on Instagram.

If you have a website ensure that you have social media icons that let viewers share your content across different platforms. This sharing will let you get organic Instagram followers.

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