How to get views on instagram

Instagram offers lots of opportunities to those who want to not only market their brands but also keep the online community talking. When used well the following pointers can be the key to unlock views to your instagram account. Today we are going to show you 5 best ways to gain views on instagram.

  1. Popular Hashtag

For you to gain more views on your instagram account you may consider using popular hash tags going around in social media circles. Depending on the product that you are trying to promote you will find popular memes that are trending and you can ride on them. This though requires a lot of creativity because some of the popular memes have often backfired when used.

  1. Using 11 hashtags

This is one of the most fruitful ways to get views on instagram. According to studies conducted, people with less than 1,000 views see a dramatic increase in the number of views if they use 11 hash tags. The hashtags should also be related to the photos posted. Hashtags let search engines locate your content faster. For you to boost the number of new views try using 11 popular hashtags of topics that are worth going viral or currently trending.

  1. Take Good Pictures with a good camera

Nothing pisses people off like having blurred pictures on your instagram account. You do not need to be a professional but for you to trend on instagram you need to invest in a good quality camera. You should make sure that the angle you use to take photos is optimum and captures the whole scene. Taking pictures of things people are interested in is a top way to get views on instagram. You should always have the end user in mind when taking photos.

  1. Curve out a niche

People can get disoriented if you just take just random pictures that have no relation to each other. You should curve out a niche in an area that you are passionate about and that you are well versed in. If you like mountain climbing, you can decide this is your niche and fill out your instagram page with pictures related to mountain climbing. Curving out a niche is one of the top ways to increase views on instagram. Taking photos of a particular niche results in viewers coming to your page whenever they want information and direction concerning a particular topic.

  1. Improved Instagram features

Every few months we see that instagram has re-invented itself. New features keep coming up like sharing multiple photos and the ability to take videos. There has also been new memes been introduced. You should be very careful to keep up to date with these changes. Your viewers are doing the same and you may seem out of date if you don’t. Creativity in editing of photos is one of the best ways to get views on instagram. People will flock to a page that has extra-ordinary content and photos. They will like unique photos and share them amongst their friends.

Ensure that photos are taken in areas with good lighting. This is to eliminate dark shadows that hinder the visibility of your photos.